Industries We Served- Shree Brahmani Engineering Works

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We are glad to have you know that we have been serving a wide range of industries across the globe for over three decades now. We are renowned as the leading Manufacturers And Suppliers in Gujarat, India and are putting incredible efforts to spread our venture around the world.

Given below is the list of industries we serve:


We have been providing our reliable and highly sophisticated products to each enterprise and company that is concerned by transportation and other facilities related to the same. We're planning aspects and technical terms have been proven significantly effective and helpful when it comes to serving the needs put forward by the transportation sector.

You can count on us when it comes to fulfilling the requirements that have been arisen by your needs to ensure that your transportation service is undisturbed and equipped with proper and specific products that we offer to you. You can reach out to us today and receive more information regarding your inquiry.

Mining Sector

We understand the valuable importance of the infrastructure of the mining sector. If you are looking forward to reading growth in your company and are highly reliable on certain metals and products that concern mining sectors across the globe, then we are glad to announce that we offer attractive opportunities with a premium competitive advantage by providing you with the necessary raw materials and products that promise to increase your production and capacity by far.

We never convenient export and import of prime material on products that are fairly produced at a reasonable price look after the convenience of the unstoppable growth of your enterprise.


If you are willing to grow in the sectors of construction and civil engineering then we are more than glad to let you know that we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of products related to construction and engineering.

From high-strength steel pipes to indomitable concrete and everything in the middle, we have got you covered with our reliable manufacturing and supplying of the construction products and service is related to the same. We believe in collaborating and working in such a way that the foundation of your future is as hard as the base of your infrastructures. expected it to.


If you are dealing with the railway sectors then it is indeed a great opportunity for both of us to strengthen the ever-growing importance and significance of this industry. We have been in the construction of the railway industry for a long time and have the first-hand experience of handling even the most challenging circumstances with our reliable products and overcoming them too.

We look forward to facing the most relevant challenges that have been opposing your growth and coming up with the most suitable solution and products for you. If you are willing to work on the construction of a superstructure for an incredibly durable railway track, you can put faith in us when we will look after everything that needs to be manufactured and supplied.

Oil & Gas Industries

We have been covering the production of engineering products that are inevitably required when the clients are involved in petroleum sectors around the world. The widely spread branch of petroleum engineering and other related services to the oil and gas industry has taken the industrial world by storm.

Starting from the range of products that are necessary during the exploitation of crude oil to the storage of natural gases, you can rely on us since we assure you that our products follow international standards and fit them perfectly too.

Power Industries

With years of experience when it comes to making the necessary provision of products and manufacturing as well as supplying them consistently, we can look after your requirements to be equipped with highly reliable power products.

You can count on noise when you need to buy materials for your treatment or recycling plants including certain conveyor belts, ducts, screens, loading hoppers, conveyors, etc. You can reach out to us at your earliest convenience and enquire regarding the kind of material or product you need. Got something on your mind? We have got you covered.